In ARISCENT SOFTWARE SOLUTIONS Technologies Services we are aware of the fact that sometimes what is now a solution tomorrow it may become a problem when it neglects the analysis of detail. ARISCENT SOFTWARE SOLUTIONS are discussed in detail with the customer from the initial exposure that makes us of their needs by the end of implementation plan presented by us.

Optionally for each solution we offer training sessions, tool design and support plans which will be advised where we consider appropriate. Our solutions are not limited only to the need expressed by the customer. We try wherever possible to go beyond the requests both in scope and in its sustainability in the medium and long term.

And the documentation of key support, its quality will always be one of our biggest concerns and one of our biggest investments.

Mainframe Protection services at ARISCENT SOFTWARE SOLUTIONS

Long mainframe environments are the choice for enterprise software implementation of mission critical in various industries. Adequate resources are required to protect patient information, financial transactions, social security numbers and e- mail addresses stored in mainframe environments so you can maintain the trust of its customers, preserve the identity of users and optimize the use of valuable information from customers, always in accordance with existing regulations.